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Basic liquid with GR8™ by Gold Vyne™ 30ml
Basic liquid with GR8™ by Gold Vyne™ 30ml
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GR8™ by Gold Vyne™ is a revolutionary, all natural, non-GMO, extract that comes from a flowering plant in the Asteraceae family. GR8 is a proprietary extract only available through GoldVyne Inc.

GR8™ is not a tobacco product, is not derived from tobacco, and does not contain nicotine but provides benefits similar to nicotine-based e-liquid.

How It Works
Nicotine binds to Alpha4beta2 receptors, which are the ones responsible for addiction to nicotine. In contrast, GR8™ molecules do not target receptors associated with addiction yet provide a nicotine-like sensory experience.
This non-addictive target of GR8™ gives consumers the same satisfaction and feeling as if they were using a nicotine product but this Native plant is completely free of nicotine and tobacco.

GR8™ provides consumers with a Non-nicotine option for eliquid.

Other Information
In addition to providing a fulfilling vape experience for consumers:
• GR8™ has an Antioxidant value of 12X Vitamin E
• GR8™ maintains a long history of use in teas, traditional medicine
• GR8™ has been safety tested in animals

Give yourself the opportunity to enjoy your vaping free of nicotine.