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How long do these last?
  The life of an ecig varies widely. These are high 'wear and tear' items and there are simply too many variables involved relating to their use to be able to give exact lifespans. An atomizer can live from just a few weeks to many months. A 510 battery from 1-3 months and an eGo battery should live for at least a few months. Manual batteries will tend to last longer than automatic batteries as the switch in the automatic makes it more vulnerable to damage from liquid.  Degradation will occur over the normal life of these products.
I cannot get items into my cart.
  The most common reason is that cookies are not enabled in your browser. It could also be your firewall, pop-up blocker or virus protection blocking cookies.
How do I contact you?
  For assistance with ordering please call (630) 624-2668 Mon -Sat 10AM - 5PM
Outside of those hours of for technical or existing order support Email [email protected] If I do not get back to you please check your spam folder. If my response is not there, please email me again. I always respond to email!